Buckeye Queen Producers Cooperative Update

Congratulations to the four silent auction winners of Purdue ankle biter queens at the 2015 OSBA Fall Conference that were donated by members of Buckeye Queen Producers!

2015 was a very busy year for the Buckeye Queen Producers (BQP). In collaboration with the Heartland Honey Bee Breeders Cooperative (HHBBC) and Purdue University, the BQP members have20 inseminated breeder queens added to their breeding stock. Approximately 2000 mated queens, many virgin queens and a multitude of 48 hour queen cells were produced in the 2015 season by the 16 members of the group.

BQP customers are showing their appreciation by buying additional queens, as well as already placing orders for spring 2016. Beekeepers that bought unmated virgin queens have had about 90% of queens return and start laying, which are above average results.

Within the BQP group there are numerous inseminated breeder queens with varied genetic backgrounds, such as New World Carniolian X Slovenian Carnica queens from Sue Cobey, VSH Carniolan queens from Adam Finkelstein, VSH queens from Dr. John Harbo, Italian queens from Dr. Joe Latshaw, Caucasian queens from Dr. Steve Shepard, as well as many different inseminated trait lines with Purdue Mite Grooming, VSH, and Hygienic Behavior genetics. Also there are several naturally mated queen lines from Mike Palmer, Kirk Webster and Buckfast queens from Bill Ferguson in Canada.

Overall, BQP have approximately 30 breeder queens that can be used to rear production queens for beekeepers in Ohio. Remember that the breeder queens’ daughters produce drones that reflect the genetics of the mother breeder Queen. Those drones provide the genetics for the local gene pool, mating with queens in the local area. BQP members swap queens with each other to increase the local gene pool. All of the mated queens have been mated with selected Ohio and WV locally adapted drones.

Two members of the group are dual members of Buckeye Queen Producers and West Virginia Queen Producers, Joe Kovaleski and Judge Dan O’Hanlon, enabling direct sharing of genetics between the two states. BQP has several members who can also inseminate queens for the breeding programs, which will provide valuable genetics in the future. 2016 promises to be a banner year for beekeepers who purchase queens that are from members of the BQP! Several members are currently involved in a PA SARE grant project to evaluate the mite control levels of the stock produced from Purdue University genetics against Control Colonies headed by various other production queens. The Purdue stock at West Lafayette, Indiana has consistently tested at low mite levels. Purdue has to import southern bee stock to provide mites for their research.

The BQP board members are President Joe Kovaleski, VP Dwight Wells, and Sec/ Treas. Peggy Garnes.
For additional information, please visit the Buckeye Queen Producers website at Ohioqueens.org

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2018 Annual Dues

The 2018 annual membership dues are due by January 31st for all current members.   Dues must be paid by January 31st in order to receive any benefits from the Buckeye Queen Producers this year.


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Grant received from the Ohio State Beekeepers Association

The Ohio State Beekeepers Association awarded the Buckeye Queen Producers a grant of $3500 at their board meeting on January 25th.  This money will enable the Buckeye Queen Producers to obtain breeding stock from multiple sources to ensure a wide diversity in genetics.  Breeder queens will be purchased from Sue Cobey, Adam Finkelstein and John Harbo with additional stock from Joe Latchaw being obtained though Miksa.

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