The following members of the Buckeye Queen Producers offer queens for sale.  While all members are encouraged to practice Queen Rearing Best Management Practices to help ensure production of high quality productive queens, the Buckeye Queen Producers cannot be responsible for individual members.

Members with Queens For Sale:

Tim Arheit -

New World Carniolian - Queen cells, mated queens and virgin queens available. See website for pricing and details.

Peggy Garnes -

Peggy Garnes has been keeping bees for over 15 years. Currently President of the Medina Beekeepers, she is active on many levels in the beekeeping world. Peggy has been raising queens and selling nucs for several years. Italian based survivor stock with cold weather, hygienic genes added from select drone stock. call 330-723-6265 for additional information

Joe Kovaleski -

For ordering or additional info email or call 740-632-7500 Queens are Carniolan - VSH - Purdue Ankle Biters Mated Queens(marked) $40. Virgin Queens $25. Queen Cells $10. Pickup or shipment method of your choice -

Dan Williams -

COMING 2015. VSH CARNIOLANS from Dan will be raising queens this year mainly from Joe Latshaw's Italian breeders. (Other breeder queens may be used throughout the season) Queens are open-mated in mating yards that are flooded with drones from overwintered stock. (Drone mother colonies include Carniolan VSH, Italian VSH, Michael Palmer stock, and stock from other Northern Queen rearers) Dan runs a sustainable operation, only using his own overwintered nucleus colonies to increase and replace losses. There are no southern packages used in his operation. Queens are $25 and marked for free. For more information inquire at or